Certificate of Recognition

Liora Goodman, the District Representative from State Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson’s office, dropped off a Certificate of Recognition for the Museum. It reads: “In honor of the Museum’s outstanding contributions and invaluable service to preserve and celebrate the maritime heritage of the California Coast; upon recent expansions to the Museum’s facility and programs that will greatly… ( More )

Give a Gift

SBMM Board members George Writer and Roger Chrisman will match every donation to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum from now until December 31, 2015, up to $10,000, in celebration of our 15th Anniversary. Here is your opportunity! Thank you.

SBMM 15th Anniversary Celebration

Over 300 people came by to see what we have been up to for the last month of renovations and exhibit installations. A new deck, a new interactive children’s gallery and a good polishing of our beautiful lighthouse lens helped make the museum look new again.


Two Santa Barbara Harbor legends, Bob Kirby (left) and Mike McCorkle, in front of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

Back in Business

After a hard 17 day renovation, we will be open to the public Monday morning, December 7th at 10am. The Museum has never looked better, but there is one more thing to be done and that is installing our new Children’s Gallery – starting on Monday and finishing up by the end of the week.