Dredger in the Fog

There is a dredger in that fog. Fog is making it difficult to get some fishing in and so is the dredger. The SB harbor is now open for vessels with a shallow draft, but is still closed to those with a deeper draft. Dredging continues this week.

Lady Hamilton at SBMM

From left to right is Past Board President Ken Clements, current Board Member Elsbeth Kleen, Jimmy Young and Jeney Young (former owner of McConnell’s Ice Cream, and Greg Gorga, with a portrait of Lady Hamilton, the mistress of Lord Nelson. Retired British Navy Commander Alex Morrice gave a talk on Lady Hamilton at the SB Yacht… ( More )

SBMM Honors Two Commercial Diving Pioneers

On Friday, January 29th the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum honored two pioneers in the field of Commercial Diving, Lad Handelman and Bob Kirby. Lad started out as an abalone diver here in Santa Barbara, and went on to start two international diving companies, CalDive and Oceaneering. Bob teamed up with Bev Morgan to form Kirby… ( More )

She’s 160 years old today.

The Point Conception first order Fresnel lens has stood watch for nearly 160 years, guiding ships safely around the “Cape Horn of the Pacific.” The Point Conception lens was designed and built in Paris, France in 1854, using a refracted prism system designed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel. The lens was first lit on February… ( More )