Leslie Leaney inducted into the ADCI Hall of Fame

Friday SBMM hosted the annual conference for the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and on Saturday we hosted the 25th Anniversary conference for the Historical Diving Society (HDS). In the photo is HDS Co-Founder and SBMM Founding Board Member Leslie Leaney with Zale Parry, holder of diving records and former star of “Kingdom of the Sea” and… ( More )


Frances Morehart and family aboard the Ranger for her 100-year Birthday Celebration. Before SBMM opened its doors, Jack (now deceased) and Frances Morehart donated the Ranger to SBMM. Ranger is now the Museum’s Flagship, and is the oldest vessel in the Santa Barbara Harbor!

Happy Birthday Ranger

This is the Ranger Restoration Crew celebrating the Ranger’s 100-year Birthday. 21 volunteers put in more than 600 hours to help restore this historic vessel.