Bev Morgan

We are very sad to announce the passing of commercial diving pioneer Bev Morgan. A former abalone diver, Bev was the world’s leading designer of commercial diving headgear and life-support equipment. In 1965 he partnered with Bob Kirby to form Kirby-Morgan Diving Systems (now called Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International), which to this day, is the leading manufacturer of commercial diving helmets, with facilities in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

“Bev was a pillar of both the commercial and recreational diving industries and was one of the most universally respected men I have ever met. He helped his friend the late Ramsay Parks establish Santa Barbara City College’s Commercial Diving Program, as well as being one of the first recreational SCUBA Instructors and diving educators in the United States. His pioneering commercial diving equipment designs and life-long innovations are the standard of the industry worldwide. His equipment will most certainly be used 50 years from now. Bev was an accomplished surfer and photographer. His images captured his exciting experiences and travels in both diving and surfing and reflected his passion for the preservation of its’ history. Bev’s humble presence and guidance will be missed.”

-Don Barthelmess, SBMM Board of Directors Vice President