New Exhibit: Tattoos and Scrimshaw

One of the great things about the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is we are constantly opening new exhibits. On January 14th we open Tattoos and Scrimshaw: the Art of the Sailor. While I am very excited about this new exhibit, it can also be sad when a current exhibit is taken down. That is the case with Divergent Focal Planes. I loved Robert Watt’s black and white images of our Santa Barbara Channel coastline. I also loved Dennis Schuett’s whimsical, colorful, digitally manipulated images, especially those of the Fresnel Lens clockworks and the point Conception Lighthouse, with our Deputy Director/Curator/Director of Education Emily Falke standing watch out in front of the lighthouse. Fortunately you can still purchase a few of these remarkable images in our Museum Store.

Hope to see you all here January 14th for the opening of Tattoos and Scrimshaw!

Greg Gorga, Executive Director, SBMM