Girl Scouts

Presentation for Girls Scouts

Hi Lis- (SBMM Education Director)

A huge thank you to you and your team for coming to Girl Scout Day Camp!

The girls had a wonderful time today.

I love that you brought a program to make them think about change.
It’s what Girl Scouts is all about!

I would love to dig in a bit more on what Maritime Museum offers as
far as ongoing (yearly, monthly) programs that could be set up with
our council that would get the girls doing things at the maritime
museum.   I need to keep a better tab on the calendar- but maybe if
there was an event that could be offered to girl scouts grade 1-12 or
even different levels at different times, it would be something I
could help set up with our council.    We don’t have enough events
going on in Santa Barbara for our 50ish troops from carp to goleta and
really want some ongoing programming that is inexpensive and
educational for our girls.    And, perhaps we would work in a badge or
2 or create our own.  Lots of possibilities!

Chris Errea