From Hooks to Harpoons Paperback


The story of Santa Barbara Channel Fisheries. Written by Mick Kronman, licensed commercial fisherman, Santa Barbara Harbor Operations Manager, and two-time statewide Harbor Master of the Year.

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Some fish-catching inventions have changed little over eons. Harpoons, for example, remain elegantly simple in construction and purpose. Net design, meanwhile, has matured in ways too numerous to count. Still, the same type of net used to take three-inch-long anchovies is used to take 1,000-pound tuna. And while variations are considerable, most gear types fit rather neatly into a few categories. With that in mind, this book recalls the history of five gear types used by Santa Barbara-area fishermen over the past 3,000 years, from Chumash ancestors to the modern-day skipper. No matter the target catch, nets, harpoons, hooks, traps and dive equipment have been used to harvest them. Even as fishermen’s boats changed from sail to power, from planked wood hulls to steel rigs built by computers, these gear types have remained the tools upon which their captains depended for success. In the Santa Barbara Channel, where a confluence of ocean currents and an island-studded ocean bathymetry combine to deliver a breadbasket of fish and shellfish, fishermen have, with these gear types, provided seafood to the corner fish market and the trade centers of China. From monofilament driftnets that ensnare seabass to titanium bars that pry abalone from the seabed, design has evolved. Through experiment and innovation–leavened by competition for money and markets–fishermen have risen to meet the needs of changing populations and the opportunities of industrial advance. This book tells the story of that evolution, a story of discovery and adaptation. Using gear types as its lodestone, it offers a look at the fishermen whose initiative and hard work made Santa Barbara a thriving fishing town–a place where their stories should long be told and their memories forever honored.–Adapted from introduction, p. xvi-xvii. English Santa Barbara Maritime Museum 2013. Paperback 261 pp.

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