Santa Barbara and the Sea DVD


Santa Barbara and the Sea chronicles our area’s long, rich and unique relationship with the ocean.

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Featuring over 25 interviews with historians, scientists, fishermen and Chumash elders this feature-length documentary covers maritime activities here from the end of the last ice age to today. Along the way we learn why an accidental discovery on our Channel Islands changed the theory of human migration. We meet the determined individuals who transformed our city from backwater to boom town. We also find out how a few innovative abalone divers changed the oil industry worldwide. In between are stories of surf, shipwrecks and skullduggery.
Although this is a story of our local area it encompasses much more than that. It speaks to our connection to a living environment vastly greater than ourselves, our last remaining wilderness on earth, the sea.
Produced by Chris Bell and Jon Zuber, Executive Producer Tony Ruggieri. Directed and edited by Chris Bell, written by Jon Zuber. Running time: 88 min. English

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