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How to convert the power of “I Will” into a life-changing mantra

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The twelve stories in this book, taken from Shaun Tomson’s own life experiences in and out of the surfing world, offer the simple message?I Will?as a model to face life’s challenges and help you achieve your goals. All you need is to be encouraged to find your voice and commit yourself to positive values. The stories resonate with positivity and hope for the future, and are infused with the belief that even in the darkest time, light shines ahead to show you the way forward.

Sometimes all you need to turn hope into action is to write your promises down and say them out loud–to make a promise to no one but yourself. This book is about many things–faith, courage, creativity, determination–but above all it’s about the promises we make to ourselves about the future. These stories will inspire you to believe in yourself and to believe in the power that each and every one of us has to shape our lives through the power of “I Will.”
136 pages English Gades 7-9

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