Two Years Before the Mast (Adapted By Ocean Institute) Paperback


Two Years Before the Mast is a memoir by the American author Richard Henry Dana Jr., published in 1840, having been written after a two-year sea voyage from Boston to California on a merchant ship starting in 1834.

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In 1834, Richard Henry Dana, Jr., a 19-year-old Harvard University student from a wealthy upper-class family, left his studies and took a job, as a common sailor, aboard the brig, Pilgrim. Two Years Before the Mast – The Seafaring Adventure of Richard Henry Dana Jr. 1834-1836, details the true account of Dana’s voyage from Boston around Cape Horn to California, his stay upon the California Coast and his passage back aboard the Alert. His epic tale, along with beautifully illustrated sketches, brings to life the lives of the seamen; their experiences, struggles, triumphs, friendships, fears, humor and humanity, while on the sea and along the California Coast in the 1830’s. English 215 pages

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