An Unfortunate Incident at the Castle Rock


The second installment of the popular “Santa Barbara History Mysteries” series, featuring actual early 20th century Santa Barbara resident, Leontine Birabent.

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In 1909, the automobile was emerging as a focus of interest for individuals, communities and entire countries all over the world. Santa Barbara was no exception, and in August of that year, a forward-looking enterprise in Hope Ranch, just north of the town, was making plans to compete on a grand scale. They were sure to succeed – as long as nothing went wrong…

When Leontine’s young friend, eleven-year-old Patrick Denman, makes a grisly discovery at Castle Rock, a popular recreation spot on the Santa Barbara shoreline, he, along with Leontine and her tenant and friend Daisy Merrie, do their best to unravel what happened on the beach, and what it might have to do with the revolutionary new technology under development in Hope Ranch.
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