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CURATOR’S LOG: Looking Up and Back 104 years

By Rita Serotkin Have you ever looked up at the museum’s main ceiling and noticed a seaplane flying high above? ...
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Ship Model of the Ranger, a Historical Fishing Yacht in Santa Barbara

CURATOR’S LOG: A New Working Model of the Ranger

By Rita Serotkin This past month, a new but familiar looking boat sailed into the museum to take its place ...
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CURATOR’S LOG: Ships’ Bells & The Long Journey of the Henry Wilson’s Bell

By Rita Serotkin The Henry Wilson ship’s bell One of the newest artifacts in SBMM's collection is a ship's bell ...
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American Alliance of Museums - Accredited Museum

CURATOR’S LOG: What Does Accreditation Mean, How Will It Benefit the Museum, and What Did the Museum Have to Do to be Accredited?

By Rita Serotkin After more than three years of preparation and submitting its formal application, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum ...
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CURATOR’S LOG: A visit to the Kieding Collections Chandlery and conversation with Collections Manager Lydia Kaestner

By Rita SerotkinLast month, I explored what it means to be a curator and introduced you to SBMM’s own curator, ...
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CURATOR’S LOG: What Is a Curator & What Do They Do?

A Conversation with Curator Emily Waingrow Falke by Rita SerotkinIn this Curator’s Log entry, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum’s Curator Emily ...
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The Ranger - Classic Fishing Yacht

Curator’s Tour of the Classic Yacht: Ranger

By Rita SerotkinYou’ve probably seen her at her berth in front of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and leading the ...
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Curator’s Log: Maritime on the Move – Developing an Education Program

by Rita SerotkinAs you may know, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum’s (SBMM) Education Programs encourage curiosity through exhibits, experiential learning, ...
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Curator’s Log: Patti Jacquemain & SBMM’s Children’s Gallery Mosaic Mural

Credit: Rita Serotkin About the Mural How many times have you walked through the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and past ...
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Curator’s Log: Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea │ A Curator’s View

Credit: Rita Serotkin Back in 2019, The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum was offered an exciting opportunity—the chance to host Arthur ...
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Curator’s Log: First Order Fresnel Lens from the Point Conception Lighthouse

Credit: Rita Serotkin Photo credit: Dennis Schuett On October 18, 1542, as Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo explored the California ...
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Curator’s Log: Love Letters to the Sea

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, SBMM’s Education Programs have continued to encourage curiosity through exhibits, experiential learning, and community outreach by ...
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