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Meet Douglas Washington – SBMM’s Newest Flagship Society Member

Originally from Los Angeles, Douglas Washington has lived in Santa Barbara for 20 years. As a youth, he joined the Navy right out of high school, ultimately serving in Vietnam. After his discharge, he enrolled at California State University, Northridge using the GI Bill, studying political science. Additionally, he received professional designations from UCLA in public relations and advertising.  An influential UCLA professor told him he was a “broker of information,” and indeed he was, with a lengthy career at The Wave Newspapers in South-Central LA. He worked as a staff writer, music critic, and director of community affairs.

Tiring of LA’s notorious traffic and smog, and with a good friend in Goleta, Washington moved to Santa Barbara where he worked for the Economic Development Department and AAA. He remembers learning about SBMM after reading about the museum in the Santa Barbara Independent and decided to come for a visit.  He discovered the museum’s volunteer opportunities and has been volunteering in various roles at the museum for the last 10 years. Washington particularly enjoys the 4th floor, the Harbor & Seafood Festival, and is now looking forward to giving tours of the San Salvador during Fiesta weekend.

Washington has maintained a 401(k) but with no beneficiaries, he found himself with some tax consequences. Browsing SBMM’s website, he saw a video about the museum’s Flagship Society and how to join. “I really had no experience in estate planning, but it could not have been easier. SBMM Planned Giving Committee member Amanda Thomas guided me the whole way and it was great!” he said. Now SBMM is the beneficiary, and the museum is thrilled to welcome Douglas Washington into the Flagship Society. 

There are many options for making a planned gift to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Learn more about the SBMM Flagship Society.

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