Gift of Jack Morehart.

Ranger, the flagship of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, is a classic big-game fishing yacht. In 1917, she was the first private sport fishing boat built on the West Coast and played a major role in the early popularity and growth of sport fishing in Southern California and Baja California. The 42-foot vessel served as the flagship of the Catalina Island Tuna Club for over 50 years, hosting celebrities and setting records—two of which still stand today for tuna and broad-bill swordfish.

Ranger needs your help! The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum needs support to refurbish and restore its flagship Ranger. Your contribution will be designated for the yacht’s maintenance, slip fees, and educational programs. Your annual contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will enroll you in the Ranger Crew, and a donation of $250 or more will receive an afternoon cruise for six people.
Or, you can volunteer to become a member of Ranger’s maintenance crew! We need crew members with skills in mechanical systems, electrical systems, marine plumbing, woodworking, varnishing, and general cleaning.  Become a part of the proud tradition that is Santa Barbara maritime history.
Ranger volunteers are working every Saturday starting at 10am to restore the ship in time for her 100th birthday party on September 15th.  If you would like to help as a restoration volunteer or join the crew, please contact Jesse Baker, Volunteer Coordinator.  Check out the video!

Please Donate Here! Thank you