Anubis meets San Miguel Island

Anubis Point, San Miguel Island. Although not an official place name, its origin dates back 110 years ago. On 20 July, 1908, the 382-foot German freighter SS Anubis with a crew of 65, was en route from San Francisco, California via Mazatlan, Mexico then onto Hamburg, Germany when it stranded on San Miguel Island in fog. The vessel was off course due to a faulty compass and strong currents, later explained by its master, Captain Albert Vol Salzen. Captain Ira Eaton was in command of several vessels that off-loaded 1800 tons of cargo in a month’s time, the vessel was carrying flour, barley, lumber, dynamite, tallow, salmon, syrup, rice and machinery. The cargo of barley sacks in the lower holds swelled up as seawater penetrated the steel hull, helping to seal some of the holes caused by the stranding. Anubis was eventually pulled off the rocks by the tug Goliath on 11 August, towed to Cuyler Harbor for temporary repairs before being towed to San Francisco for further repairs by the Union Irons Works.