SBMM Board of Directors & Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Sigrid Toye, President
Psychologist & Community Volunteer

Chuck Wilson, Vice President
Community Volunteer

Gail Anikouchine, Treasurer
Anikouchine & Associates

Alex Weinstein M.D., Secretary
Retired Physician

David Bolton
California Mission Foundation

Ed Brady
Retired Business Owner

John Brinker
Community Volunteer

Roger Chrisman
Community Volunteer

Andrew Cooper
Community Volunteer

Steve Epstein
Keller Williams Realty

Randy Fox
Reetz, Fox & Bartlett LLP

Jerry Jackman Ph.D
Historian and Community Volunteer

Elsbeth Kleen
Community Volunteer

Cindy Makela
Chief Marketing Officer and Principal of Oleavicin LLC

Sabrina Papa
Copy Editor & Community Advocate

Leslie Power
Community Volunteer

Suzi Schomer
Montecito Bank & Trust

Robert Schwemmer
NOAA – West Coast Regional Maritime Heritage Coordinator

Linda Stirling
Retired Teacher

Shaun Tomson
Leadership Mentor

Jennifer Weisman
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

California Properties

Geoie Writer
Community Volunteer

John Doordan

Retired business manager


Kate Ford 

Retired educator

Advisory Council

Don Barthelmess
Past Board President

Roberta Cordero
Chumash Maritime Association

Sylvia Earle
National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Erin Graffy de Garcia

Neil Graffy

Robert Kieding
Founding Trustee

Leslie Leaney
Historical Diving Society

Michael M. McCorkle
Commercial Fisherman

Chris Mobley
Channel Islands Nat’l Marine Sanctuary

Charles T. Munger


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