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Photo of Antique Surfboards - Photo With a Mermaid & Mermaid Sighting - Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Event

The Deeper Dive Series: Renny Yater, Heritage 1885-1959

In this fascinating video, legendary surfer and surfboard shaper Renny Yater and acclaimed artist John Comer discuss the history of ...
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The Deeper Dive Series: 93-Letters from Marge with Heather Hudson, Episode 4

Take a deeper dive with The Women and the Waves 1 & 2 filmmaker, Heather Hudson, in Episode 4 of ...
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The Deeper Dive Series: Stearns Wharf, Historical Gateway to Santa Barbara with Neal Graffy, Episode 3

Virtually locked by mountains at either end, Santa Barbara has long looked to the sea for food, trade, and supplies. ...
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The Deeper Dive Series: The North American Galapagos – The Historic Channel Islands Biological Survey, Episode 2 

In episode two of The Deeper Dive Series, Corinne Heyning Laverty, research associate and fellow at the Natural History Museum, ...
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The Deeper Dive Series: Ralph Clevenger’s Mermaid Exhibit, Episode 1

Introducing The Deeper Dive Series as our newest effort to provide unique educational programs and preserve our maritime heritage. It ...
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