Lee Selisky Inducted into the ISCHF

Statement from the Board of Directors of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame on Lee Selisky – a Class of 2019 Inductee. In an extraordinary announcement, the Board of Directors for the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF) has announced the first member of the 2019 induction class as Mr. Lee Selisky.  Chairman of the Board of Directors, and… ( More )

Bev Morgan

We are very sad to announce the passing of commercial diving pioneer Bev Morgan. A former abalone diver, Bev was the world’s leading designer of commercial diving headgear and life-support equipment. In 1965 he partnered with Bob Kirby to form Kirby-Morgan Diving Systems (now called Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International), which to this day, is… ( More )

Jack Johnson Delivering Mail

Jack Johnson delivering some Love Letters to the Sea at the U.N. Environment & NOAA’s 6th International Marine Debris Conference. Some of the letters were created at various Love Letters to the Sea events that the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum hosted were on display in the Art Gallery at 6IMDC. L to R: Jessica Scheeter, Sondra… ( More )

Bill Anderson Honored

Santa Barbara Commercial Fishermen honored the memory of Bill Anderson today. A boatbuilder, Anderson built boats still used today for urchin diving, and built a boat designed by George Greenough. Dozens of locals gathered on the waters off of Leadbetter to honor him.

Dr. Phil Nuytten and his wife Mary visited SBMM

Dr. Phil Nuytten and his wife Mary visited SBMM with Marine Megatropolis photographer Bob Evans and Susanne Chess (Photo shows Bob, Susanne, Phil and Mary Left to Right). Phil Nuytten co-founded Oceaneering International with Lad Handelman. Oceaneering built the JIM Suit, and went on to become the largest underwater skill company in the world. Dr…. ( More )

Leslie in the Caymans

L to R. the Honorable Minister for Home Affairs Tara Rivers, MLA, Mrs. Suzy Soto, Cert. Hon. Chair Emeritus of The Cayman Islands Heart Fund, His Excellency Governor Anwar Chowdhury, and International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Executive Director Leslie Leaney at the Governor’s Welcoming Reception, Grand Cayman, April 20, 2018.